Daphnes before & after pics. She lost 6.4kg on Slim21 & Bskinni tea.

Here is her success story:

I started a challenge with Jacqui as my coach. I was lucky to have won the Slim21 and Biskini as a prize 😉 With beginning of lockdown, I had a ball (or so I thought) when I went to the shops I came back with boxes of smarties, box of marshmallow Easter eggs, cookies and at night after work and after supper, I will lay in my bed watching Netflix and stuff my face, so much that I got a shock when I got unto the scale. That’s when I decided enough is enough. On the 12 Sep I started, weighing 104kg. When Jacqui said take the Bskinni tea first 3x per day for 3 days, I thought WHAT does she want me to starve? On day one, at lunch time I could not eat all my food and at supper I struggled to eat what I need to eat. WOW me not eating, that’s a first… and so it was for the next 2days – then I started with the Slim21 and I could even eat less but I know that I need to eat the correct quantity and eat enough to be able to lose weight the correct way. The mealplan is one of the best I have ever had. Wonderful “winter” food - nice and warm, no more just salads.

  • Week one I lost 3.1kg
  • Week two I lost 1.1kg
  • Week three I lost 1.6kg
  • Week four I lost 600g

In total that is a whopping 6.4kg. That is 6.15% fat Loss. I also monitored my centimetre loss –

  • Week one I lost 12.5cm
  • Week two I lost 7cm
  • Week three I lost 8.5cm
  • Week four I lost 3.5

In total that is a whopping 31.5cm. Measurements was as per Jacqui chart – this way I can see where I lost most of my weight.

I used to love and swore by a previous fat burner I use to take – but the Slim21 is now on my shopping list together with the Bskinni. I have no cravings (but don’t tell Jacqui- I cheated once with 2x 5cm square piece of chocolate cake – I should have not had the second piece for I did feel a bit nausea for my body is not use to rich and sweet anymore. But that made me feel satisfied (and it did not show on my scale) – If I don’t see it I don’t want it… but it shows how a person’s mind works. So be strong when you want to lose weight – don’t let your mind tell you that you still hungry, stay away from the 2nd helping or even third and with the help of Slim21 and Bskinni and following a well-balanced mealplan from Jacqui you cannot go wrong.

Thank you Jacqui, for your amazing mealplan and products and not to mention your coaching. It also helped to be on the group where the other ladies inspire you and where I could inspire them as well



Jess's Transformation on Shrink:


She lost a whopping 15 kilo's in 6 months! Shrink gave her the ability to say NO to her trigger foods.

You can be good all week with your eating choices and ruin it in a few hours of temptation. With Shrink it removes cravings naturally with the ingredient known as Chromium.

This coupled with its extremely effective appetite suppressant makes Shrink your secret weapon to permanent weight loss.

Check out this couple's Slim21 Transformation (after only using 1 bottle each)


Lost 8.3kg on 1st bottle of Ripped Beauty.

I would like to thank Shrink Slimming. I’ve lost 10.8kg”s and I’m only on my second bottle!

My family immigrated to South Africa when I was 13 years old. I was a thin child and we traditionally ate very plain yet well balanced meals with plenty of vegetables

When I started school here, I was exposed to the school tuck-shop and so many different flavours.

Chelsea Buns, Hot dogs and sugared cool drink were my firm favourites. My parents were disciplined but both my brother and I gained weight quickly.

Then I started at University and the “first year spread” is a real thing. I put on even more weight.

I have tried many diets on and off over the years but my weight has fluctuated.

I saw how much weight my Aunty May lost at my cousins wedding and she told me that she was using Shrink Slimming.

I bought my first bottle that Monday. I had a mild headache for 2 days but after that Shrink Slimming has boosted my energy levels. I manage to drink far more water as Shrink Slimming makes me feel thirsty. I lost my appetite almost immediately.

After the first week I felt lighter but noticed I had only lost 0.5kgs.

By the second week my weight loss was showing steadily on the scale and I cannot believe how I don’t crave sweet things. I didn’t battle with my portions and never felt hungry.

I’m amazed and would recommend it to anyone trying to lose some weight.


I have to tell you how great I felt since I'm on Slim21.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my kilos coming down with Slim21. I don't feel jittery and i don't have heart palpitations either.

I ussualy struggle to lose weight and keeping it down, but Slim21 really helped me to lose 3 kilos in 21 days. With it I also lost quite a few cm too. I am getting married this month and my dressmaker had to take in my dress quite a lot.

I can recommend Slim21 for sure!

Leonore Bosman

(Leonore an agent for Eternal Beauty. You can call her on 0834389080 to help you on your weight loss journey)