Testimonials 》Marie Looses Over 10kgs with Shrink Slimming


Marie Looses Over 10kgs with Shrink Slimming

I would like to thank Shrink Slimming. I’ve lost 10.8kg”s and I’m only on my second bottle!

My family immigrated to South Africa when I was 13 years old. I was a thin child and we traditionally ate very plain yet well balanced meals with plenty of vegetables, but when I started school here, I was exposed to the school tuck-shop and so many different flavours.

My parents were disciplined but both my brother and I gained weight quickly as chelsea buns, hot dogs and sugared cool drink were my firm favourites. Then I started at University and the “first year spread” is a real thing. I put on even more weight.

I have tried many diets on and off over the years but my weight has fluctuated. I saw how much weight my Aunty May lost at my cousins wedding and she told me that she was using Shrink Slimming.

I bought my first bottle that Monday. I had a mild headache for 2 days but after that Shrink Slimming has boosted my energy levels. I manage to drink far more water as Shrink Slimming makes me feel thirsty. I lost my appetite almost immediately. After the first week I felt lighter but noticed I had only lost 0.5kgs.

By the second week my weight loss was showing steadily on the scale and I cannot believe how I don’t crave sweet things. I didn’t battle with my portions and never felt hungry.

I’m amazed and would recommend it to anyone trying to lose some weight.

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