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New Improved Bskinni.


Bskinni is the latest in weight loss innovation giving you a natural answer to your weight loss problems by tackling those unwanted, stubborn kgs. It contains specially combined ingredients with no harmful binders or chemicals, and its formulation results in an amazing weight loss breakthrough that doesn’t require you to make any drastic lifestyle changes. Each stand-alone ingredient is renowned for its beneficial properties in detoxification, fat burning and fat metabolism to help you look and feel great!


Our range includes the following tried and tested products:

  • Bskinni Weight loss Support Supplement
  • Bskinni Detox Tea
  • Bskinni Slimming Shake
    (Caramel / Peanut / Mixed Berry)

The support supplement and detox tea come as a combo box. However, you can purchase the tea separately too.

Bskinni Aids in:

  • Activating fat burning hormones
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Reducing appetite and cravings
  • Firing up the metabolism
  • Improving overall mood and focus

Our Bskinni Detox Tea is a fantastic natural remedy that works within your body to get rid of toxic waste. This helps improve the digestive system, detoxify and cleanse the body, and as a result, helps you reach your weight loss goals.


The detox tea comes in quantities of 18 tea bags which you can take in one of the following ways, whichever is more convenient for you.

  1. Drink the detox tea for 6 consecutive days, prior to starting the full weight loss support supplement course which you should take for 30 consecutive days until the capsules are finished.
  2. Drink the detox tea for 3 consecutive days prior to starting half the weight loss support supplement course which you should take for 15 consecutive days.
  3. You will then repeat the cycle of 3 days of tea followed by 15 days of capsules until the capsules are finished.


Before starting your second dosage of the Weight loss Support Supplement, it is highly recommended that you drink the detox tea for a minimum of 3-6 days.
It is not recommended to drink more than 3 tea bags a day. We recommend taking the slimming shake in conjunction with this product for enhanced results.
Directions for use on the packaging.


Our Weight loss Support Supplement contains natural ingredients that assist in a natural, effective and effortless loss of weight. We understand that time is limited and so we have created a supplement that doesn’t require any drastic changes to your lifestyle, but will guarantee the results you’re looking for.


Please ensure that you follow the below instructions when taking the support supplement:

  1. Take one capsule per day with 200ml of water in the morning after breakfast.
  2. Drink a minimum of 2.5L of water per day when taking the capsules.
  3. The Weight loss Support Supplement contains 30 capsules which should be taken for 30 consecutive days (after taking the detox tea for 6 days) OR 15 consecutive days (after taking the detox tea for 3 days – repeating the cycle to finish the capsules).