Bketo Capsules
(Bskinni Range)


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Ketosis involves cutting carbohydrates, which forces your body to use fat for fuel. When your body runs out of carbohydrates (glucose), it will start burning fat for fuel. By solely following a Keto Diet, your body will usually take 3-5 days to enter ketosis. Our Keto Salts (BHB Supplement) is specially formulated to force the body into Ketosis
within 20 minutes.


KETO is a breakthrough method for burning fat for active and on-the-go men and women of all ages. It is a great fat loss method for career-focused individuals, busy mom’s, worker bees, fitness enthusiasts, high‐performance athletes etc. Our premium grade natural extracts facilitate healthy rapid fat loss, elevate physical performance, contribute to a clearer focus, improves mood by boosting good hormones, reduces stress by suppressing stress hormones like cortisol, and promotes general well‐being and optimal health.

This ultimately results in many direct benefits, including:

  • Reduced feelings of hunger.
  • Increased physical performance.
  • Increased mental focus and clarity.
  • Stimulant-free energy – no “crash”.
  • Decreased amount of time it takes for your body to enter ketosis.
  • Help in reducing the “low-carb flu” symptoms.
  • Your body and mind staying energised and alert while changing your diet.
  • Assistance in transitioning you from High carb to Low carb eating without the energy slump.
  • Non-stimulant appetite regulation due to Ketones fuelling the brain.


  1. Drink one capsule 30 – 60 minutes before breakfast.
  2. Drink the second capsule 30-60 minutes before lunch or dinner.
  3. You can take one extra capsule if you are feeling peckish in between meals (Do not exceed daily dosage).