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  • 828 Original Express Capsules (16)

    828 Original Express Capsules (16)

    Order a bottle of 828 Original Express Capsules (16)

    - Combination of natural extracts
    - Speed up ATP circulation rate
    - Increased metabolism rate
    - Block Burn and Decompose Fat
    - Suppressed Appetite
    - Includes ESSENTIAL daily nutrients


    Africa Natto, Ganoderma lucidum, Ginseng, Fructus Mume, Euryale ferox seeds, Semen Pruni, Chinese Yam, Cassie seed, Wheat germ and Herbal essence


  • Aloe Cranberry Detox

    Aloe Cranberry Detox

    This natural tincture is a potent detoxer.


  • Sculpt Extreme Fat Burner

    Sculpt Extreme Fat Burner

    Formulated and collaborated with Herbalists, Homeopaths and dietitians. Sculpt Extreme contains a Highly concentrated combination of herbal plant extracts with no harmful chemicals or binders.

    Also include: Tape measure, Mealplan

    Normal Price: R690.00


  • Skinny Coffee (250ml)

    Skinny Coffee (250ml)

    This is a fat burner coffee with active ingredients.

    Contains (per serving): 

    • 4 types of coffee
      1000mg L-Carnitine
      250mg L-Glutamine
      100mg L-Phenyalanine
      100mg Inulin
      3% Kidney bean extract.



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