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Anti-Ageing Stem-Cell Serum (30ml)

ANTI-AGEING STEM-CELL SERUM is a Blend of Apple Stem Cell technology, Resveratrol and other natural plant extracts that protect skin cells against oxidative stress and combat skin ageing.

By stimulating ageing skin stem cells, ANTI-AGEING STEM-CELL SERUM has been shown to lessen the appearance of unsightly wrinkles and rejuvenate ageing skin. This unique formulation increases the longevity of skin cells, resulting in skin that has a more youthful and radiant appearance. ANTI-AGEING STEM-CELL SERUM works at the DNA Level stimulating the very sources in our skin that we lose as we grow old, Collagen and Fibronectin.

  • Protects longevity of skin stem cells. Delays senescence of essential cells. Increases the vitality of skin stem cells. Revitalizes skin tone and texture. Reduces appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles. Reverses environmental damage.
  • Increases the colony forming efficiency of epidermal stem cells. Helps skin cells to maintain the capacity to build new tissues (3D epidermis). Reverses signs of senescence in fibroblasts. Anti-wrinkle effect on crow’s feet.


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