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Slimming capsules are intended for people who need to lose weight or manage weight.

The problem is during the diet, exercise, or weight loss program you are usually hungry, grumpy, fatigued, have food cravings, need to use super human willpower, and feel deprived and miserable.  The weight you lose is never in the problem areas.  You actually lose water, structural fat, and muscle.  The biggest problem is that these weight loss programs lower your metabolism, and increase your appetite.  They actually make it so the body gains weight quicker, stores more fat in the problem areas, and makes it even harder in the future to lose weight and fat.  This is why when you stop the diet, exercise, or weight loss program you very quickly gain all the weight back, plus more!  The scariest thing is the weight you gain back is the fat stored in the problem areas that are impossible to lose.  Diet, exercise and weight loss programs actually make you fatter in the long-term.  On every "weight loss program" the first problem was that the weight didn't come off quick enough.  This was always frustrating and de-motivating.  With 5S- Slimming Capsule this problem is solved.  Some people can lose 1kg the very first day.  You may also lose 3.5kg in the first 10 days.  When you are losing weight every day, this keeps your motivation to continue with the program very high.

The next problem with every other weight loss system is that you are always hungry and miserable.

With 5S- Slimming Capsule, almost miraculously, hunger is virtually nonexistent.  With other weight loss programs, you will be grumpy, and have food cravings.  With 5S- Slimming Capsule you'll have tons of energy, happiness and excitement, with no food cravings at all.

With other weight loss programs you don't actually lose the fat in the "trouble areas."  No matter how much weight you lose you still have fat around the hips, thighs, buttocks, and waist.  Your stomach never gets flat.  With 5S- Slimming Capsule you are actually burning and releasing the fat in these troubled areas.  Your body is completely reshaped.  You lose massive amounts of centimetres.  Your stomach becomes flat!  Your waist becomes much smaller.  It's the only method known that burns and releases these secure fat reserves, dramatically changing the shape of your body.

With 5S- No exercise is required.  With most other weight loss methods time-consuming exercise is required.

Although exercise is always encouraged for overall health benefits, with this protocol no exercise is required.  Results are consistently achieved even without any exercise!

It works right away to help suppress your appetite and melt away your excess body fat.  Only one pill a day and in 30 days you will see an amazing difference!  5S is an effective, fast and simple way to lose weight.  Works great for both men and women!  The weight loss approach with 5S- Slimming Capsule is quite different than anything else in the treatment of obesity.  There are no hunger and food cravings.  You have increased energy.  You lose weight from the very first day.  You lose fat in the trouble areas.  You lose massive amounts of centimetres.

Your body is completely reshaped as if you got liposuction.  Your success in reducing centimeters and fat, combined with no hunger, no cravings, no feelings of deprivation, and no depression will keep you motivated to reach your goal weight with 5S.

There has never been a weight loss treatment that is so easy and works so well.

5S- Slimming Capsule is the ultimate weight loss leader today in the world! 5S- corrects underlying cause of food cravings, increases metabolism 18 times, and normalizes the normal balance in the body that the body does not abnormally store high amounts of fat in the secure problem area fat deposits in the future.


5S- increases your metabolic rate 18 times!

Do you want to feel like a teenager again? Remember the time in your life, when you could eat any food, run like a rabbit, fit into your slim jeans and didn’t need the scale in your bathroom? Well, now you can. Act like a teen again with 5S-! 5S- increases energy levels, sharpens your mind and not only burns the calories you eat every day like a furnace, but also shri

nks fat cells.

5S- is all about control

Don’t you feel stressed out from the diet restrictions, hunger cravings and meal planning?  How much money do you spend each month buying prepared meals?  How much time do you spend shopping in the grocery stores or making every day "difficult" choices – between Steers, KFC and Wholesome Foods?  Sometimes I wish I could live "in spirit".  The truth is, for many of us, we can’t control our bodies, but our bodies drive us.  You deserve a break.  5S- helps control your appetite.  Take one capsule in the morning and you’re not going to feel hungry for the entire day!  I bet you can find something more exciting to do than planning your next meal.

5S- will give you GOOD results

If you are impatient, 5S- is perfect for you.  From the first day, with just one capsule of 5S- your body will seriously change.  If you are overweight, your main problem is an imbalance of 5 elements and your worst enemies are fat and water.  To lose weight you need the fire to burn the fat and dry out the water.  The powerful Chinese herbs contained in one single capsule of 5S- will increase the fire and make your body naturally work out the rest of the weight loss process.

5S- is convenient

You take only one capsule a day in the morning before or after breakfast and that’s all!  Capsules are light and don’t take much space.  You can take it with you while travelling, carry it in your purse or in the car glove compartment..

5S- is an adjustable program

We are all different.  Same sex, age, body size and fat to muscle ratio clients exhibits a 30% difference in metabolic If you don’t feel like taking one capsule of 5S- a day, seven days a week, 30 capsules a month – don’t.  For many people, taking 5S- just a couple of times a week would still be an effective solution.  For others – who can handle more drastic changes – taking the capsules every day would be the most aggressive program.  Remember – 5S- starts the process toward slenderness and your body does the rest.  Think of your body as of your friend.  To have a good relationship, you need good communication and good listening skills. Work out your own schedule with 5S- and pay attention to what your body tells you.  These capsules do not work on 100% of the population and has been proven to have a 93% success rate.

5S- is safe and healthy

5S- contains highly effective Chinese thermogetic herbs that do not cause any side known effects.

If you want to lose weight, you are not alone

5S- is the most powerful slimming capsule on the market today.  Many people like you looking day after day for a miracle slimming product that assists with weight loss.  With 5S-, it has a tremendous impact not only on your-self image but also on your health and mind.  It will significantly improve your skin condition, slow the aging process, increase your energy and make you look younger, feel stronger and think faster.

5S is the solution

You will feel the appetite suppressant effects working immediately during the first day of taking the supplement.

It is well-known, that having a large appetite is not the only reason why people can't lose weight.  More importantly, a low metabolic rate means that you don't burn the calories you consume every day and in time causes an accumulation of fat.  To burn the fat cells stored inside body tissues effectively, 5S Capsules uses a system of increasing you metabolic rate while suppressing your appetite called the DOUBLE EFFECT.

5S controls your appetite through relieving and suppressing hunger pangs by increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain which acts as a signal telling the body it is full resulting in effective weight control.

By speeding up the metabolism the body does not store fat rather burns calories, causing a reduction of fat.  The Precise combination of herbal ingredients in the scientifically proven formula of 5S promotes the thermo genesis process i.e. body's production of heat.  Thermal effects causes an increase in metabolic rate (reflected by an increase in oxygen consumption) associated with the digestion, absorption, transport, and assimilation of ingested food.


People should avoid taking 5S- if they suffer from:

  • Heart condition, coronary heart disease and cardiovascular diseases.
  • High blood pressure; Liver or kidney dysfunction
  • Patients with prostatitis or glaucoma
  • People who suffer from depression
  • Diabetics
  • Taking medications (such as MAO inhibitors), caffeine, or products that speeds up the heart rate      
  • People who depend on drugs or alcohol
  • Not suitable for pregnant women or whilst breastfeeding.
  • Don't take with other prohibited drugs at the same time
  • Not to take in conjunction with excessive amounts of alcohol
  • People who suffer from other illnesses or chronic illness and is currently on medical treatment.


Side Effects

There are no known harmful side effects

5S- contains highly effective Chinese thermogetic herbs that do not cause any side effects.


Some people might experience headache, insomnia, light-headedness temporarily.  These effects could last from 2-7 days and will subside thereafter. Ensure that you remain hydrated at all times during the first 3 days and EAT 6 SMALL MEALS WHILE TAKING THE CAPSULES ESPECIALLY WHEN BEGINNING WITH THE PROGRAMME. If these effects continuously occur please discontinue use and if needed consult your medical practitioner.


Take 1 capsule before breakfast with a full glass of water preferably as early as possible in the morning to prevent sleeplessness in the evening.

Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast.

Example: Oats with some fruit or 2 eggs with whole wheat toast and yogurt - low in sugar.

After taking it - you will be thirsty all day so drink a minimum of 2.5 litres of water per day.  Keep a bottle by your side all the time to ensure sufficient water intake. Remember to eat even if you do not feel hungry, 6 x small, healthy meals per day. Try not to eat after 6pm, only healthy snacks.  If you work out, keep a water bottle next to you, and eat 1 or 2 hours before a workout. Eat fibre rich food and fruit to keep you regular. Some may experience constipation.

Limit caffeine and alcohol intake whilst using.

After 1 month continuous use of 5S- You are advised to stop for at least 3 weeks before continuing again until you reach your goal weight. Once you’ve reached your goal weight you can discontinue usage. However you could continue using 5S- as maintenance plan once or twice a week to control appetite.






Brindal Berry

Brindal Berry



Lotus leaf extract


Cassia Seed

Lotus Leaf


Cassia Seed

Oriental Water Plaintain

Green Tea





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