Tman’s Apple Cider Vinegar



Did you over indulge in a Great Meal?

Why do we put ourselves through this? Ever enjoyed your meal just a bit too much? Then… your pants seem to shrink, your tummy expands twice its usual size and you now appear 3 months pregnant! Worst of all you feel worse than you look…

So here’s something that will save you from the next few hours of fake pregnancy.


  • 15-20ml of Tman’s Apple Cider Vinegar in a cold glass of water
  • Add a teaspoon of honey for taste (optional)
  • Sip and feel release!

As easy as that!!!

Remember that sipping on Tman’s helps with indigestion and nausea! Added TRACE MINERALS will assist to rehydrate your body, and help reduce acidity from your latest meal.

TIP: To maximise your weight loss results you can use Tman’s Apple Cider Vinegar with ANY of our Fat Burner supplements.