Muslin Face Cloth


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Pack of 2 Cloths


  • For ALL skin types
  • Every day use
  • Removes make-up, dirt
  • Removes dead skin cells & skin impurities
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Does not scratch you skin
  • Lightly buffs the skin
  • Re-usable

Our muslin facial cloths are made from 100% pure cotton. It effectively removes make-up, dirt, skin impurities and dead skin cells in one sweep while it helps to improve blood circulation, leaving skin thoroughly cleansed and revitalised. By eliminating damage to the skin, the gentle exfoliating Summer Skin muslin face cloth enables skin cells to regenerate more quickly, leaving skin softer, healthier and glowing. The natural cotton fibres of the cloth allow the skin to breathe as it is cleansed, giving the effect of a deep cleansing steam bath for the face.

Everyday Gentle Exfoliation:

Because of the texture of the cloth it lightly buffs the skin and is safe to use every day but while it may be tempting, resist the impulse to scrub hard. Be gentle! To increase the buffing powers of your muslin cloth, use circular motions to remove your cleanser. Use your muslin cloth generally at night in preparation for a healing night ritual before you apply your Summer Skin Renew. The muslin face cloth is safe to use on all skin types, yes, even sensitive skin, as you have complete control of the pressure you use when using the cloth. Due to its exfoliating properties, adding sunscreen to your morning routine is non-negotiable. Not only does the muslin face cloth remove make-up more effectively, it also completely rid the skin of all impurities like bacteria and excess oil. By removing all dead skin cells that have collected on the surface of the skin it makes it easier for any topical products (moisturisers, serums and oils) to penetrate the skin, ultimately giving you better results of a shorter period.

The Summer Skin muslin facial cloths are re-usable and machine washable and can be placed in a dryer. We recommend that you wash your cloth regularly (every second or third day) and tumble or air dry after each wash to prevent the growth of bacteria. Never share with others!

How to use your Muslin Face Cloth:

Use at night. Put your muslin cloth in warm water. Apply Summer Skin’s Clear on your face and massage in small, quick circular motions. Wring out the warm cloth and place it over your face for a couple of seconds, gently pressing into key areas such as the cheeks, chin, forehead and around the eyes before lightly massaging the cloth in small circular motions across your skin. This will remove your cleanser as well as any debris effortlessly. Follow with your choice of Summer Skin Renew or Refresh.

Other Benefits:

Soft Lips – If you have chapped lips you can use the damp muslin cloth to gently buff your lips in a circular motion before applying lip balm. Eczema – Gently exfoliate your body while in the shower. By smoothing away rough patches it will improve absorption of your body cream or oil. Ingrown Hair Remover – Gently buffing areas prone to ingrown hairs will help to prevent them. Exfoliating over existing bumps can encourage the hair to come to the surface.